It’s brand New!

Welcome to the all new Hawthorn Judo Website. Now that you have come across this you may be a member already, or a parent of one of our juniors, or simply a guest looking for more information about who we are and what we offer. No matter the reason now you’re here, we hope that this site proves useful in answering your questions and supplying you with the right resources to help you with your Judo.

On this website you should be able to find a calendar for the year that outlines the major events for both Hawthorn Judo and the wider Victorian and Australian Judo community. You will also find a resources section that over time will be filled with useful images and resources to help you learn techniques and eventually pass your gradings. There is a also a section where we will look to add articles or simply blog about what is going on in the world of Judo, and we encourage you all to contribute if you come across something of interest or simply feel like putting ‘pen to ‘paper’ and adding to our online community.

There is also a gallery in development where we will upload photos from members from across the history of the club and as this grows it will stand as a reminder for the journey the club has taken and for those of you who practice Judo with Hawthorn, will be a window into what you have experienced in your time with us.

Finally if you are on Facebook or Twitter, please ensure you follow the club, as these are very simply tools for us to communicate with you all.