JudoVic – Summer Starter Competition

On Sunday 15th February 7 of the Hawthorn faithful travelled to Springers Leisure centre for the JudoVic Summer Starter Competition.

Respresenting Hawthorn were:

U9’s – Alex & Matthew
U12’s – Charlotte, Kei & Ryan
Senior Girls – Charlotte
Cadets & Junior Women – Ana
Senior Men – Mahdi

As usual everyone gave their best and a pretty impressive medal haul was the result. In the U9’s Matthew kicked off with a great Tai Otoshi for Ippon and after winning another two fights was just pipped in the Gold Medal fight and ended up with a well earned silver medal.


Still in the U9’s Alex made short work of his first 2 opponents before finishing off his final fight with a perfect O Goshi for Ippon and a Gold Medal.


Moving up to the U12’s we saw Ryan attend his first competition outside of the club and although understandably nervous, showed a great fighting spirit losing his first fight but coming back strongly winning his second and taking home a Silver Medal. For his first competition this was certainly the performance of the day.


Kei made very light work of his opponents on his way to Gold, one with a perfectly timed Morote Seoi Nage. Finally in the U12’s we had Charlotte who again had very little trouble on her way to a Gold.

U12 Kei Gold Medal DSC_1618

Fresh from her U12’s competition Charlotte had an opportunity to step up in class to the Senior Girls and gave away plenty of weight and experience but although very tough for her she lost one and won one of her fights finishing it off with a well timed Ko Soto Gari to gain a Silver.


Finally Ana produced some clinical Ne Waza for victory in the Cadets and then won one and lost another to gain Silver in the Junior Women.


All in all a great day with 4 Gold and 4 Silver for the Hawthorn team.